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Charlotte Laws started her
career in entertainment at the age of 16 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Many of her acting credits can be found under her Screen Actors Guild name Missy Laws.

After Atlanta, Charlotte moved to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles. She studied at the Joe Bernard Acting Studio and Estelle Harmon's Actors Workshop. When on the West Coast, she worked as a model, appeared in TV commercials and movies. She was also a professional dancer and backup singer at one time.

Today, she is a political representative in Southern California, heads heads The League for Earth and Animal Protection and writes books and articles.

Charlotte has been a vegetarian since the early 1980's. Her favorite foods are broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, seaweed and French toast.

She often orders just a plate of broccoli when she goes to restaurants - it's her favorite meal.

Charlotte's favorite color is burgundy and favorite flower is the red rose. She currently resides on a tennis court estate near Mulholland in Los Angeles. Her only financial goal in life has been to have a private tennis court in her backyard. She realized this goal in 2006.

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Biography of Charlotte Laws

(compiled from the Official Websites for Charlotte Laws):

In March 2004, Charlotte Laws was elected to serve as a Greater Valley Glen Council member, representing Valley Glen as well as sections of North Hollywood and Valley Village (postal designation). She was then immediately elected by her fellow Councilmembers to act on the Executive Board. She was appointed to serve as the Chair of the Government Relations Committee and is a member of the Land Use & Planning Committee, in addition to assisting the Communications Committee with articles, media contacts, and neighborhood involvement projects. Her Political website is www.CharlotteLaws.org or www.ValleyGlen.us

Charlotte has had extensive experience in community outreach, working in both the private and nonprofit sectors. She has been a Realtor © since 1987 and is currently a top agent with Prudential. She is listed among the top 1% of Realtors © nationwide. She is the recipient of the Prudential President's Award for the past three years and received the Leading Edge Award in January 2005. She is a member of the National Association of Realtors ®, the California Association of Realtors ®, the Southland Regional Association of Realtors ®, and all local multiple listings services (SRAR, CLAW, and GAVAR).

Charlotte's official real estate websites are www.YourTopBroker.com and www.CharlotteLaws.com although her listings are advertised in a number of other locations on the Internet. For greater detail about her real estate-related achievements, please check the resumes listed at these URLs.

Charlotte's interaction with the community as a real estate agent has kept her in touch with local needs. Her community involvement is extensive, ranging from regular donations out of every closed escrow to the Aaroe Associates Charitable Foundation to personal contributions and volunteer work for numerous not-for-profit groups, especially those associated with the arts, animal rights/welfare, environmentalism, and education. Protecting nonhumans and the environment is her top priority. She is always involved with several animal-related nonprofit projects at one time.

She is the founder and president of the League for Earth & Animal Protection ( LEAP ) - www.LEAPnonprofit.org . LEAP came into existence in 1992. The members advocate and educate on behalf on domesticated nonhumans in areas including, but not limited to, vegetarianism and veganism, animals in entertainment, pound seizure, factory farming, vivisection, dissection, euthanasia in animal shelters, and spay and neuter programs; and they advocate and educate on behalf of the environment and wildlife in areas including, but not limited to, species extinction, habitat encroachment, ecosystem imbalance, global warming, and resource conservation.

LEAP members subscribe to a compassionate way of living based on the principle of Ahimsa--nonviolence towards all living things--because this way of being brings greater overall satisfaction to all beings who have interests. LEAP informs via public speaking, special events, and information-based campaigns. Charlotte delivers speeches on behalf of LEAP throughout the country. She was also recently appointed to be Director of Animal Welfare for Greater Valley Glen and started the DAW program for the city of Los Angeles, which stems from the first part of her L.A. "no kill shelter" proposal. Additional information can be found at www.AnimalCommission.org

Charlotte is also on the Advisory Board for the Center on Animal Liberation Affairs ( CALA ). She was recently appointed to serve on the No Kill Council, chairing the Community Partnerships Committee.

Charlotte attained a Ph.D. in Social Ethics from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2000 and holds two Master's Degrees: in Professional Writing (USC) and in Social Ethics (USC). She also has two Bachelor Degrees: in Philosophy from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and in Theatre Arts (CSUN). Charlotte completed doctoral level coursework in Education at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and post-doctoral study at Oxford University, England.

Charlotte has also completed continuing education classes in community development, conflict resolution, computers, real estate, statistics, screenwriting, speech, religious studies, et al. from various universities and community colleges, such as the University of Florida, the University of Nevada (Las Vegas), Santa Monica College, and Valley College. She is a graduate of the well-renowned Estelle Harmon Actor's Studio in Los Angeles, Joe Bernard Acting in Las Vegas, and the Academy Theatre in Atlanta.

Charlotte is the author of a motivational self-help book (Ross Books, Berkeley, 1988) and was a contributor to the popular book, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (St. Martin's Press, New York, 1988). Charlotte's most recently completed publication is called Armed for Ideological Warfare. It discusses the animal rights movement within the context of seventeenth century philosopher Baruch Spinoza's thought.

Charlotte has authored a section of the 2005 book, Igniting a Revolution, Voices In Defense of Mother Earth, (edited by Dr. Steven Best and Anthony J. Nocella, II). She is finishing an autobiography as well as a chapter in a book on animal rights.

Charlotte is the author of numerous articles published in Newsweek, The L.A. Times, Special Report, The Simon, The Oakland Tribune, The Daily News, E The Environmental Magazine, The Tolucan Times, Opinion Editorials, Buzzle Magazine, Human Beams, Publisher's Weekly, The Globe, et al and was a columnist for a British magazine from 1999-2001.

She is currently a nationally syndicated columnist. Her articles and columns explore a variety of topics from philosophy to politics, law, education, real estate, and social issues. In addition, she wrote the screenplay Jonesing and her poetry has been published in regional publications throughout the years, beginning when she was a teenager. Her first magazine article was published when she was 21.She has been interviewed on the following television shows: Larry King Live, The Late Show, Good Day L.A., NBC News, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, The Journal, Inside Edition, Oprah Winfrey, AM Los Angeles, in addition to numerous local radio / TV programs. People magazine interviewed her for one of their issues. She has been interviewed by magazines and newspapers throughout the world.

Charlotte's Web Blogs can be found at http://charlottelaws.typepad.com and http://charlottelaws.blogspot.com Visitors to the site can post comments.

Charlotte is listed in Who's Who in California and Notable American Women and was made an honorary member of the British-American Bar Association, although she holds no law degree. She has been honored with a number of academic awards as several related to her career in entertainment. She was the winner of a local "Best Actress Award " in 1998 and was recognized by the Hollywood Appreciation Society for her achievements. She appeared in several movies as an actress; was in a professional dance company (performing in television commercials); was a back-up singer, a model and magazine cover girl.

Throughout her career, she has developed an amazing record of accomplishments.

(All information taken from Websites and interviews)

Interesting Facts about Charlotte Laws

Charlotte was born in a car on the way to the hospital on May 11th, 1960 in Atlanta, Georgia. This makes her a Taurus. Her birth time is 6:30 pm for all of you astrological types.

She spent her childhood fighting racism. Blacks were not allowed at her parents' country club, and they were not initially permitted at her school.

She was an Atlanta Debutante.

Her favorite high school subjects were Philosophy, Religion, Latin, French, and Physical Education. Although she made A's in school, she did poorly on standardized tests and has always been insecure about her intelligence. Perhaps this is why she has racked up so many degrees!

She was a high school cheerleader and good athlete. She also played in professional / state tennis tournaments in her late teens (and has won Los Angeles tennis competitions in the past decade). When she was eight months pregnant with her daughter, she won a tournament after a grueling six hours. The crowd and her competitors were stunned that someone "so pregnant" could win.

She was raised Christian, but as a young adult converted to Judaism and Jainism (an Indian religion). She calls herself a "Jewish Jain."

She believes that the most admirable path in life is that of "ahimsa" - non-injury to all living beings.

She was adopted at birth. Her adoptive mother committed suicide when she was 16 and her brother (also adopted) was killed in an automobile accident when she was 18. Her mother didn't initially die, but was "on life-sustaining machines" for ten years . Charlotte 's adoptive father is retired and currently lives in Florida and North Carolina with his wife.

Charlotte has been a vegetarian and an advocate for the animals since the early 1980's. She is also an environmentalist. She rejects speciesism -- a form of prejudice in which humans arrogantly believe themselves to be superior to other life forms. She thinks all living beings are "of equal value and worthy of equal consideration."

When she was 21 years old, her father offered her $500,000 if she would remain in Atlanta
. Instead she moved to California with only $500. She has lived there ever since.

She tracked down her birthparents in 1986 and enjoys a great relationship with them. Her birthmother works for the
government in Washington , D.C. and her birthfather is a University professor, with a doctorate in History. He has published a number of books.

Charlotte's motivational self-help book (published in 1988) sold many copies. She appeared on over 70 television and radio shows to promote it and did a nationwide book-signing tour.

Charlotte has sold real estate since 1987 and remains one of the top Realtors in the country. She has received numerous industry awards.

Charlotte dated a famous singer-sex symbol for many years, but has refused to acknowledge publicly who he is.

Charlotte's daughter Kayla was born in 1986. Kayla's father currently lives in New York

Charlotte's favorite songs are I've Never Been To Me and The Night Chicago Died.

Her favorite movies are The Boys from Brazil, Not Without My Daughter, The Killing Fields, Enemy of the State, The Green Mile, Love in the Afternoon, The Jerk, Down With Love, E.T., The End, The Bad Seed, and The Godfather.

Charlotte does not watch TV, except cable news and the Colbert Report

Ironically, her favorite books are Baruch Spinoza's Ethics and John Caputo's Against Ethics.

She claims to have had a series of "unusual" experiences in the mid-1990's that relate to Spinoza; prior to this she was a skeptic about such "experiences." She feels very close to Spinoza to this day.

Politically, she is an Independent and has worked on the campaigns of Democrats, Republicans and others: such as Ronald Reagan, Jerry Brown, Bill Bradley, John McCain, and Ralph Nader. She is against partisan politics and votes "the person."

She considers herself spiritual. She embraces a Spinozistic pantheism. Since the age of 12, she has felt that she has a "mission in life."

She has had many occupations: aerobics instructor at Bally's Fitness, clothing designer (on Rodeo Drive
in Beverly Hills ), owner of antiques business, backup singer for an Elvis imitator, cab driver, and private investigator.

She believes in metaphysical determinism and an amoral universe and calls herself a postmodern. Rather than Democracy, she promotes the idea of Omniocracy, a government of, by, and for all living beings. She thinks nonhumans should be represented within the political and legal system/framework. Anything less is elitist and not conducive to what she calls "the definitional good." (From her book ARMed)

She thinks the word "God" is sexist; therefore, uses the term "God/Goddess."

She has always had dogs. She had 13 while growing up in Atlanta
and currently has three, all of whom were rescued from shelters.

She has been a student most of her life. She has earned a Ph.D., two Master's degrees, two BA degrees, and has taken many classes. She completed
postdoctoral study at Oxford University, England.

She gives money to a range of charities, mostly related to animals, the environment, arts and education.

Photos of Charlotte Laws

Photos of Charlotte Laws

First Book written by Charlotte Laws is called Meet the Stars (Ross Books, 1987). Charlotte has written numerous articles as well as a chapter in the book Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of Mother Earth and a chapter in Call to Compassion: World Religions and Animal Advocacy.

Charlotte hosts the TV show Uncommon Sense and has been elected to serve on the Greater Valley Glen Council in Southern California. She is serving her third term. She hasbeen a Los Angeles Commissioner and is the South Valley District Representative for the LANCC.

Photos of Charlotte can be found at her official political website, including shots taken when she was an actress.

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Charlotte Laws' Favorite Spinoza Quotes

Charlotte's Favorite Philosopher is Benedictus de Spinoza. These are a few of her favorite quotes.

"All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare." (Ethics, Part V, Prop 42, Scholium)

"The medieval-Cartesian attempt to distinguish man from the rest of nature, to elevate him above the rest of the animal kingdom...(is) not only an illusory metaphysical extravagance, but also a symptom of a faulty psychology, whose moral consequences are serious..." (Ethics, Introduction)

"...In the animal world we find much that far surpasses human sagacity..." (Ethics, Part III, Prop 2, Scholium)

"Every individual thing...cannot exist or be determined to act unless it be determined to exist and to act by another cause which is also finite and has a determinate existence." (Ethics, Part I, Prop 28)

"Men are deceived in thinking themselves free, a belief that consists only in this, that they are conscious of their actions and ignorant of the causes of their actions." (Ethics, Part II, Prop 35, Scholium).

A Few Quotes by Charlotte Laws

"You can never have too many parents."

"To err is human. To pear is humane."

"Democracy is a regime in which the powerful (humans) use, abuse, manipulate and murder the powerless (nonhumans) for the formers own gain. Omniocracy is the ideal form of government with representation for all." (From a political speech made in Fall 2004).

"Morality and free will are fictions and partners in crime. These humans constructs are destructive to society, creating a world of hierarchy, alienation, and hatred." (From her book ARMed for Ideological Warfare."

"The definitional good is unique because it transcends phenomena into the realm of noumena. It is where the subjective and the objective come together." (From ARMed book.)

"The venom of conformity and the toxins of tradition stain the healthy soul; they sedate the creative essence."

Charlotte Laws' Favorite Story - The Parable of the Game

(Excerpted from Against Ethics by John D. Caputo, pp. 134-137. Author unknown) After reading this story, Charlotte spoke with Dr. Caputo--the author of the book-- on the phone. She asked who had written this lovely story. He was evasive and merely replied, "It comes from Nietzsche." Charlotte does not believe it comes directly from Friedrich Nietzsche. Did Caputo write it? The question remains unanswered.)

In the beginning was Being, and Being was unimaginably black and dense. Being clung to Being without void or division, without light or manifestness. Being was without non-Being, undivided, without difference or otherness. Resting within itself, in perfect concentration and self-identity, Being was wholly gathered to itself, altogether without strife or movement.

But Being was unable to keep this pact with itself, unable to retain its almost perfect self-compactness, unable to contain itself within itself. Accordingly, the aboriginal unity burst asunder in an explosion that cannot be measured by the laws of physics because it was of such aboriginality as to antedate the laws of physics.

In an event that is older than time, in accord with laws that are older than law, in a world that antedates the cosmic order, Being swirled outward in vast concentric rings, forming a vast, smooth, seamless sea. Swirling around and around, sweeping and circling, the vast sea at length began to differentiate and divide itself, to cluster here and there in spectacular arrangements, thickening here and thinning there, producing space and multiplicity from out of itself.

After a stretch of time for whose measurement we lack the measure, after a time that produced time, Being had become a flowing movement, racing outward in every direction, more Becoming than Being. After a time for which there is no clock, the swirl of events had settled into certain regular patterns. These patterns, which It had itself produced, would come to be called laws, though they are not the laws Being obeyed but the laws Being produced, the patterns of its drift, the lines and directions Being forged when It first loosened its grip on itself.

The aboriginal energy of Being's great beginning, of the great dense blackness, was now redistributed across multiple centers of energy, divided into innumerable smaller clusterings and configurations of forces, into events that competed endlessly with one another in a great cosmic Game. The forces vied with one another for supremacy in endless strive, the weaker forces succumbing to the stronger, the stronger forces themselves falling before forces stronger still, the whole growing strong from the struggle of all with all.

Being had become a Great Game.

There was no meanness in Being, no ill will, no will at all, and hence no guilt. There were only the various victories and defeats, all of which belonged to the same vast economy, the one great innocent Game, which did not add or subtract an iota from the whole. Growing larger and stronger and concentrated in one place took place at the expense of growing smaller and weaker and more dissipated elsewhere; forces declined here but grew stronger there. But it was all good sport, all part of the perfect innocence of the Game, of the round dance of events, of the Game that Being, which had become a play, played with itself, without rancor or sorrow.

The play was without care. When one force went under, that was a part of the total economy of forces, the justice of the whole. The whole was just, just because there was no justice of an invidious sort. The play was all and all was just. This was a justice without equality, a justice of unrestricted giving and taking, going over and going under, augmenting and declining, in a total economy without loss. If Being robbed and stole from itself in one place, it was only in order to give and restore to itself in another. If some forces lived off others as predators, that was only in order to allow certain forces to shine with beauty and splendor and so to justify the whole. Coming to be and passing away, in incessant becoming and strife, the whole played the innocuous Game, an innocent war, a war without victims or injustice. There is nothing unjust in the little victories that the forces win, nothing unfair in their harshness with one another, nothing cruel in their little contests. Being itself is not cruel or benevolent; it is without good will or bad; It is without any will at all unless the forces themselves constitute an army of little wills , of multiple micro-willings and strivings, struggling with one another in endless, innocent war games. But war is the father of the events and it bears no ill will toward its own offspring.

The Game was really quite beautiful in those days. It had made itself beautiful by making itself over into a beautiful swirling dance, a magnificent pageantry of lights, of battles and clashing swords whose sparks illuminated their play, whose thunderous noise filled the air with the music of their play. Everything was charged with the energy of the Game, everything laughed with the exuberance of the events as they danced and played. The forces glowed with beauty, going over and going under in a brilliant display of power and energy and good health.

When long ago--although countless aeons after commencement of the Great Game--in a far-off corner of the universe, naked men wrestled under the shining Aegean sun, their luminous forms matched in contests that tested them to the limit, it was as if the Game had forged an image of itself. It must have seemed to them that Being had cleared a space for itself in which It could present itself as It is in itself, in which It could celebrate itself and shine in naked radiance. Once long ago, there was a time and a place where it seemed as if the Great Game found words to express itself, temples to enshrine itself, a language and a people to call its own., where all its wondrous beauty could find a home. It must have seemed that the Game gave itself with a marvelous generosity that made the people--its people, its own people--who celebrated the games rise up in wonder.

At length, one of the forces drew up lame, no doubt too much abused by the harshness of the Game. It soon became weak and ill and seeing how the other forces prospered in the play it withdrew within itself and became quite ugly. It curled around itself and hissed its tongue. It grew black and filled itself with vile humors; it became sullen and sneaky, malicious and humorless, and it began to smell quite bad too so that it was not pleasant to be around. Instead of singing and dancing, it began to crawl and lay traps. It crept across the surface of the other forces, leaving behind a gossamer net in which the forces would get themselves trapped and become themselves sick and motionless. It grew more and more angry and spiteful and filled itself with seething feelings of rancor ill will toward everything that flourished so in the Game.

"The Game is evil," the sick forces hissed. "War is a cruel father. Going under and going over are unjust. More and less, stronger and weaker are unfair. Becoming is unjust. Life itself, for life is becoming, is unjust. Movement is wicked and causes pain. Be still. Pain and suffering are a refutation." "Evil, unjust, unfair, negation, stop, no": large, black, bloated words crawled into the throats of the healthy forces and choked them, suffocating them, making them ill. This was a very cunning stratagem on the part of the lame forces, cunning and clever. For they had found a way, despicable though it might be, to win at the Game, a way to undo the healthy, dancing, stronger forces. They had invented a fiction for themselves that served their interests well. The lame had invented a way to make the healthy forces trip, to trap them in their web and then poison them with their fatal bite. That was very shrewd. They had invented a way to cope with the Great Game, but it was a base and mean way, which cursed the Game.

This was a bad time, but it was only a time, a short time, and it had to pass away. The Game has all the time it needs, for Being produces time and Being suffers no loss that It cannot regain in time. The Great Game that Being plays, indeed which Being is, cannot experience defeat. The Game is itself made up of victors and vanquished but It cannot itself as a whole be defeated or suffer a loss. Being plays on and on, swirling and rolling, configuring itself now this way, now that, in an endless innocent cosmic dance.

Soon enough, the sick, twisted ugly, ill-smelling forces would themselves submit to their cosmic fate, would themselves go under according to the rule of the Game which governs the events, which rules over everything that happens, everything that comes to be and everything that passes away. Soon enough, the little bit of cosmic dust on which the sick forces made their home would vanish. For it too had been spun off by the Great Swirl and was no more than an infinitesimal speck that revolved around a tiny little star in a distant, wholly insignificant galaxy far off in a remote corner of the Great Swirl.

"War is evil," the sick little forces shouted from the surface of their tiny little spot of space, their hands cupped to their twisted little mouths. The Game laughed and danced another round. "Murder is unjust," the sick forces shouted all the more loudly, growing even more infuriated at Being's insouciance. But the game gave no answer. Being laughs and dances, plays and frolics, rolls and swirls in great cosmic sweeps--but It does not listen. It gives, but It does not hear. It has no ears to hear. There is no one there, no one to listen. The Game does not know the forces are there. It does not know them at all, does not care to know them, does not care at all. Indeed one could speak of the Game's great stupidity, its great, stupid swirl. It plays because It plays, without why.

So long after the sick forces perished, for aeons and aeons, the Game continued its mighty swirl. The venomous black words disappeared without an echo, leaving behind not the slightest trace. All that remained was the laughter of the Game as It danced and played across an endless space.