Actress Charlotte Laws..........


Charlotte Laws started her
career in entertainment at the age of 16 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Many of her acting credits can be found under her Screen Actors Guild name Missy Laws.

After Atlanta, Charlotte moved to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles. She studied at the Joe Bernard Acting Studio and Estelle Harmon's Actors Workshop. When on the West Coast, she worked as a model, appeared in TV commercials and movies. She was also a professional dancer and backup singer at one time.

Today, she is a political representative in Southern California, heads heads The League for Earth and Animal Protection and writes books and articles.

Charlotte has been a vegetarian since the early 1980's. Her favorite foods are broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, seaweed and French toast.

She often orders just a plate of broccoli when she goes to restaurants - it's her favorite meal.

Charlotte's favorite color is burgundy and favorite flower is the red rose. She currently resides on a tennis court estate near Mulholland in Los Angeles. Her only financial goal in life has been to have a private tennis court in her backyard. She realized this goal in 2006.

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