A Few Quotes by Charlotte Laws

"You can never have too many parents."

"To err is human. To pear is humane."

"Democracy is a regime in which the powerful (humans) use, abuse, manipulate and murder the powerless (nonhumans) for the formers own gain. Omniocracy is the ideal form of government with representation for all." (From a political speech made in Fall 2004).

"Morality and free will are fictions and partners in crime. These humans constructs are destructive to society, creating a world of hierarchy, alienation, and hatred." (From her book ARMed for Ideological Warfare."

"The definitional good is unique because it transcends phenomena into the realm of noumena. It is where the subjective and the objective come together." (From ARMed book.)

"The venom of conformity and the toxins of tradition stain the healthy soul; they sedate the creative essence."