Interesting Facts about Charlotte Laws

Charlotte was born in a car on the way to the hospital on May 11th, 1960 in Atlanta, Georgia. This makes her a Taurus. Her birth time is 6:30 pm for all of you astrological types.

She spent her childhood fighting racism. Blacks were not allowed at her parents' country club, and they were not initially permitted at her school.

She was an Atlanta Debutante.

Her favorite high school subjects were Philosophy, Religion, Latin, French, and Physical Education. Although she made A's in school, she did poorly on standardized tests and has always been insecure about her intelligence. Perhaps this is why she has racked up so many degrees!

She was a high school cheerleader and good athlete. She also played in professional / state tennis tournaments in her late teens (and has won Los Angeles tennis competitions in the past decade). When she was eight months pregnant with her daughter, she won a tournament after a grueling six hours. The crowd and her competitors were stunned that someone "so pregnant" could win.

She was raised Christian, but as a young adult converted to Judaism and Jainism (an Indian religion). She calls herself a "Jewish Jain."

She believes that the most admirable path in life is that of "ahimsa" - non-injury to all living beings.

She was adopted at birth. Her adoptive mother committed suicide when she was 16 and her brother (also adopted) was killed in an automobile accident when she was 18. Her mother didn't initially die, but was "on life-sustaining machines" for ten years . Charlotte 's adoptive father is retired and currently lives in Florida and North Carolina with his wife.

Charlotte has been a vegetarian and an advocate for the animals since the early 1980's. She is also an environmentalist. She rejects speciesism -- a form of prejudice in which humans arrogantly believe themselves to be superior to other life forms. She thinks all living beings are "of equal value and worthy of equal consideration."

When she was 21 years old, her father offered her $500,000 if she would remain in Atlanta
. Instead she moved to California with only $500. She has lived there ever since.

She tracked down her birthparents in 1986 and enjoys a great relationship with them. Her birthmother works for the
government in Washington , D.C. and her birthfather is a University professor, with a doctorate in History. He has published a number of books.

Charlotte's motivational self-help book (published in 1988) sold many copies. She appeared on over 70 television and radio shows to promote it and did a nationwide book-signing tour.

Charlotte has sold real estate since 1987 and remains one of the top Realtors in the country. She has received numerous industry awards.

Charlotte dated a famous singer-sex symbol for many years, but has refused to acknowledge publicly who he is.

Charlotte's daughter Kayla was born in 1986. Kayla's father currently lives in New York

Charlotte's favorite songs are I've Never Been To Me and The Night Chicago Died.

Her favorite movies are The Boys from Brazil, Not Without My Daughter, The Killing Fields, Enemy of the State, The Green Mile, Love in the Afternoon, The Jerk, Down With Love, E.T., The End, The Bad Seed, and The Godfather.

Charlotte does not watch TV, except cable news and the Colbert Report

Ironically, her favorite books are Baruch Spinoza's Ethics and John Caputo's Against Ethics.

She claims to have had a series of "unusual" experiences in the mid-1990's that relate to Spinoza; prior to this she was a skeptic about such "experiences." She feels very close to Spinoza to this day.

Politically, she is an Independent and has worked on the campaigns of Democrats, Republicans and others: such as Ronald Reagan, Jerry Brown, Bill Bradley, John McCain, and Ralph Nader. She is against partisan politics and votes "the person."

She considers herself spiritual. She embraces a Spinozistic pantheism. Since the age of 12, she has felt that she has a "mission in life."

She has had many occupations: aerobics instructor at Bally's Fitness, clothing designer (on Rodeo Drive
in Beverly Hills ), owner of antiques business, backup singer for an Elvis imitator, cab driver, and private investigator.

She believes in metaphysical determinism and an amoral universe and calls herself a postmodern. Rather than Democracy, she promotes the idea of Omniocracy, a government of, by, and for all living beings. She thinks nonhumans should be represented within the political and legal system/framework. Anything less is elitist and not conducive to what she calls "the definitional good." (From her book ARMed)

She thinks the word "God" is sexist; therefore, uses the term "God/Goddess."

She has always had dogs. She had 13 while growing up in Atlanta
and currently has three, all of whom were rescued from shelters.

She has been a student most of her life. She has earned a Ph.D., two Master's degrees, two BA degrees, and has taken many classes. She completed
postdoctoral study at Oxford University, England.

She gives money to a range of charities, mostly related to animals, the environment, arts and education.